10 Reasons You Should Consider Sober Living In Los Angeles

When you choose to become sober, you might worry that your life is going to become boring. You may ask yourself, is my life really going to get better? Am I ever going to be able to have fun again without drinking or using substances? Well, we are here to tell you that the benefits of sobriety far outweigh the downfalls. In fact, living a sober life is the best decision that you can ever make. The physical differences are not the only benefits of to boast.

Amanda is currently under contract with Penguin Random House imprint, Avery to publish her first book, Unbottled Potential (on shelves October 2023). Let me tell you what, when you clean up that energetic pathway, the Universe will start showing up for you. You will be able to attract friendships, romantic partners (if you’re single), opportunities, and abundance on all levels that weren’t available to you before. Los Angeles is also home to a variety of events, including sober music festivals and fundraisers, all of which support a vibrant and uplifting sober community.

You’ll Gain More Time

As noted above, chronic substance use can have a significant impact on brain function. After using drugs or drinking alcohol for a long period of time, you may have found that you’re no longer able to think quickly on your feet or assess situations rationally. You may find it difficult to solve problems or cope with stress. This is common for those struggling with a drug problem. Sobriety keeps you safe not only from the physical dangers of substance abuse, but also the convoluted feelings and situations that drugs can provoke. When you are sober, you are less likely to experience suicidal thoughts or get behind the wheel while intoxicated.

reasons to be sober

Family and friends are the easiest people to hurt when you are struggling with addiction. Those who stood by you and remain loyal to you, even when you were at your worst, are perhaps the most important people to keep in your life. If you need another reason to get sober, think about what you owe to them and about all of the hard work they did to help you to get to this point. Addiction is painful.The cravings and the body aches can be powerful reasons to keep using – after all, it seems to take those pains away. However, when you are sober, and you’ve gone through detox, you’ll feel even less pain.

Your diet improves.

Before you know it, you’ll choose not to physically take care of yourself at all. The only way to get you out of this rut of not taking care of yourself is sobriety. If alcohol and drug use has caused dysfunction in your life, you may be considering getting sober. Maybe recognizing your own reasons to stay sober is clouded by everything else happening in your life. We understand this completely, which is why Turnbridge has outlined some of our top reasons to stay sober below.

Therefore, becoming sober after suffering from addiction is no small feat. Many people don’t get the opportunity to have such a vital second chance. To ensure that your second chance at life doesn’t go to waste, focus on self-improvement.

Real and Authentic Relationships

Prolonged marijuana and alcohol use reduces the chances of graduation from both high school and college. Additionally, women who use drugs enter the workforce later than women who don’t. In general, drug use can lead to workplace theft and distraction from the sober house job due to thinking about using or getting drugs. Marijuana users alone experience accidents at work at a 55% higher rate than non-users, as well as 85% more injuries and 75% more absences. This is especially the case if you’re taking depressants or downers.

reasons to be sober

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call today and save a life. You deserve to live a fulfilling life without toxic substances. Addiction is a mental illness that you cannot control when you are drinking and using. At Silver Linings Recovery Center, we provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs and therapy services to help you get back to living a sober life. Our addiction treatment programs cater to people addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, and multiple illegal drugs. We even provide detox and dual diagnosis treatment for those that need it.